ANRS Water Irrigation and Energy Development Bureau ICT Directorate

ANRS water Irrigation and Energy Development Bureau, has organized in various directorates to fulfill the office's mission and objectives, one of which is the ICT Directorate. The Information Communication Technology Directorate is set up at the Directorate level, with the help of three experts, the main activities of the technology to achieve its vision and mission. The main tasks performed by the ICT directorate to achieve its goals:

  • Establishing a modern and efficient ICT technology by enhancing the skills and utilization of the IT community.
  • Develop and utilize indigenous knowledge and technologies
  • Ensuring that science and technology activities are integrated with other socio-economic development programs and plans, it is working towards re-establishing the goals.
  • Fulfilling the technological logistics for accomplishing target of the technological goals required for the office and create a conducive environment for professionals to use latest technology
  • The ICT Directorate's major activities planned for 2012 are:
  • Managing systems that are being implemented by the office and providing support to professionals
  • Providing the implementation of the Ibex application
  • Repair of desktops, laptops, printers, photocopies, faxes, scanners and various ICT equipment
  • Perform Network Administering Operations
  • Installation and monitoring of antivirus software for Office Computers
  • Developing, evaluating and verifying the right materials for purchasing technology devices
  • Development of the Water and Energy Development Bureau through the Intranet Portal, Web site and Regional Government Portal
  • Participate in capacity building trainings and enhance capacity building for ICT support
  • Monitoring and enforcing office and telephone, fax and Internet service charges, and receiving phone calls from within and outside the organization;

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